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Careful study of each formulation, materials research more 'suitable for every type of application, technologies most' advanced and accurate control of all product batches are the steps that are followed with the utmost professionalism from our technicians. Frilvam, with its modern structure of research and quality control, ensures the products with high technological content and complete reliability. In the design of new products the laboratory of Frilvam is able to carry out application test...

System / Certification

Frilvam is one of the few European companies in its sector that can boast a certified quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. The Quality System Frilvam includes all key operational areas and aims to promote a continuous improvement of processes and prodotti.Ogni single transaction follows procedures carefully designed in compliance with the international quality standards. The Quality System certification is recognized in Italy and abroad as a guarantee of reliability of produc...