Food Antifog for Food Packaging

We wish to inform you that Frilvam SpA has developed a new series of antifog masterbatch for film production to the field of food packaging.
The wide range of these masterbatches and sophisticated formulas will make us a point of reference on the market because we are among the first companies producing masterbatch in Europe to distinguish between applications for:

PACKAGING COLD (eg .: packaging films salad ready for sale in supermarkets):

AD PE FOOD ANTIFOG 90821 – specifically for film LD / LLDPE
AD PP FOOD ANTIFOG 90,856 – specific PP film
AD PP FOOD ANTIFOG 90890 – specifically for PP film, non-toxic in accordance with US FDA

PACKAGING HOT (eg .: packaging of food products sold to the public already cooked, for example, grilled chicken):

AD PE FOOD ANTIFOG 90865 – specifically for film LD / LLDPE
AD PP FOOD ANTIFOG 90910 – specifically for PP film

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