UG Anti Termites 91481

Composition: The PRISM AD UG Anti Termites 91481 is a special formulation of chemical free from heavy metals in VA copolymer. Application: The PRISM AD UG Anti Termites 91481 is suitable for molding injection and extrusion of all polyolefin polymers, PVC and rubbers thermoplastic that must resist the attack of termites. The use of the master does not compromise the possibility of staining of the artifacts and handling requires no special system. In addition, additives contained in PRISM AD UG...

UG Anti Rodents 91477/S

Composition: The PRISM AD UG Anti Rodents 91477 / S is a dispersion of compounds organic non-aggressive, free from heavy metals, VA copolymer. Application: The PRISM AD UG Anti Rodents 91477 / S is recommended for transformation of all the polyolefin polymers, rubbers and PVC, where the artifacts must be protected from attack by rodents (effect not only repulsive mortal). The master does not contain harsh chemicals or dangerous for the manipulation. Dosage: 2.5% MB Packing: The PRISM AD U...

PrismaBIO 91490

  Composition: PrismaBIO 91490 is a compound based on derivatives of PLA and vegetable starch, containing 25% of an inert filler. Application: PrismaBIO 91490 is recommended for all the transformations in blown film artifacts declared biodegradable according to the standards for compostable materials such as: - EN 13432 - ASTM D-6400 - ISO 17088 Non-toxic formulation. Also, please note that for any coloring Frilvam has a special set of masterbatch pigment dispersed always biodegrad...

PrismaBIO 91470

Composition: The PrismaBIO 91470 is a dispersion of the mineral filler in the biopolymer (no oxo-biodegradable). Application: The PrismaBIO 91470 is used in the extrusion of biopolymers, both derivatives of PLA or starch, for: - Increase the rigidity of the films or sheets biodegradable; - Reduce the cost without affecting the biodegradation of the final product. Dosage: from 25% to 50%, in function of the mechanical characteristics, the film thickness and the type of extrusion plant. Packin...

PE Oxodegradante 91407

In nature, everything is degraded and the main degradation factors are: - Oxygen - UV radiation - Heat - Humidity The next step is to degradation biodegradation, natural phenomenon that in the long run it's interesting all polymers of petrochemical origin. The PRISMA AD Oxodegradante PE 91 407 is a promoter of degradation for all the polyolefin articles that can not be recovered or recycled. Then the master drastically reduces the molecular weight of the polymers (oxidation) if exposed to the ...


Frilvam SpA, leader in the production of masterbatches and FiPlast Srl, a subsidiary of the Group Cossa Polimeri SpA, leader in the production of thermoplastic compounds, today announced an alliance to manufacture and distribution of PrismaBIO 91319. This organic compound and computable, compliant with UNI-EN 13432 and certified by Vincotte (certif. No. S297), has been developed for the film industry for both the packaging sector (bags for supermarkets), both for agriculture (mulch). The Prisma...