Permanent Anti-Static PE 91117

The continued growth of anti-static additives and conductive high-performance, both in the packaging of electronic components, automation and explosive materials is accelerating research and development of new formulations with performance and operating mechanisms increasingly sophisticated. In particular, the field of plastic materials dissipative permanent (IDPs) is the most cutting edge because it ensures a decay of electrostatic charges quickly but at the same time not in the form so sudden ...
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Tracers Masterbatch

Following the market demands to make easily identifiable artifacts plastic products, Frilvam SpA has developed a new series of tracers, namely: Tracers for the control of Production In many cases the use of additives colorless can leave the doubt to the producer, and in particular to filmatori, if the final product is actually manufactured using the master additive or less. The addition in the formula of an additive reagent to UV rays or the use of a separate master containing the same, allows...
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Food Antifog for Food Packaging

We wish to inform you that Frilvam SpA has developed a new series of antifog masterbatch for film production to the field of food packaging. The wide range of these masterbatches and sophisticated formulas will make us a point of reference on the market because we are among the first companies producing masterbatch in Europe to distinguish between applications for: PACKAGING COLD (eg .: packaging films salad ready for sale in supermarkets): AD PE FOOD ANTIFOG 90821 - specifically for film LD /...
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PE Fresh Keeping 91123

We are pleased to inform you that our laboratory has developed a new formulation, namely the: PRISM AD PE FRESH KEEPING 91123 to implement the existing range of masterbatches Fresh Keeping. This new masterbatch is improved compared to the standard catalog (Prisma AD PE Fresh Keeping 90885) for two main reasons: It interferes minimally on the optical characteristics of the end product; It has a capacity of gas absorption greater than 30% compared to Prisma AD PE Fresh Keeping 90885.
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