PrismaBIO 91490


PrismaBIO 91490 is a compound based on derivatives of PLA and vegetable starch, containing 25% of an inert filler.


PrismaBIO 91490 is recommended for all the transformations in blown film artifacts declared biodegradable according to the standards for compostable materials such as:

– EN 13432
– ASTM D-6400
– ISO 17088

Non-toxic formulation.
Also, please note that for any coloring Frilvam has a special set of masterbatch pigment dispersed always biodegradable polymer.

PrismaBIO 91490, being a compound must be transformed as it is without being diluted with polymers of petrochemical origin, otherwise it would lose the compliance with international standards of biodegradation above.

PrismaBIO 91490 is supplied in 25 kg bags placed on pallets from Kg 1125, wrapped in stretch film.

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