PP FL. Retardant 90850

New generation of flame-retardant additives with very low halogen

Frilvam SpA has recently developed a new additive masterbatch, PP Prism AD Fl. Retardant 90850, based on a blend of flame retardants of new generation with very high performance technical and commercial:
The master used only 2% in the extrusion of PP multifilament yarn gives the fire resistance B2 DIN 4102 – Class 1 Italian;
Employed to 2%, the master transfers to the final manufactured article a quantity of halogenated compounds below 2000 ppm and then the artifact itself falls within the range of fire-retardant halogen-free (≤ 3000 ppm – requirements for German Blue Angel);
The prism PP AD Fl. 90850 Retardant does not interfere with a wide range of traditional polymeric HALS for stabilizing anti-UV.

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