PE Temperature Control AF 90982

Polymers and structure of the film

Rich blend of LLDPE – type butene (density 921 – MFI 0.3) 60% -80% in combination with LDPE.Sia in momoestrusione that in coextrusion for thicknesses <40 μ, LLDPE butene type will be replaced by type Exene or, even better with the metallocene (density 921 – MFI 1).
Coextrusion three layers
Outer layers: 60% -80% + 40% -20% LLDPE LDPE
Middle layer: 40% -60% + 60% -40% LLDPE LDPE
(It adds a higher quantity of LDPE in the central layer to improve the tear resistance and the stability of the bubble).
Masterbatch and Bianchi (thickness <40 μ)
For mono-extruded films: we recommend the use of 12% of Prisma PE 88370 Black (CB + 40% charge).
For coextruded films: we recommend the use of 10% of Prisma PE Black 88320 / A (50% CB, esencarica).
For coextruded white / black: you get the best performance / price using the Black Prisma PE 88320 / A and PE White Prism 00170 (70% TiO2, esencarica).
The black film can have a duration of 12 months in geographical areas kLy 200 / year without UV stabilizers.
For co-extruded film white / black, the use of UV stabilizers is binding due to the layer white.

Prisma PE Stab 90228: standard formulation – pesticide resistance: normal
Prisma PE Stab 91340: formulation with high resistance to pesticides
Imaging area: Egypt – 200 kLy / year
Film thickness: 30 μ
1 year 2% UV Masterbatch
PRISM AD PE Cont. T ° / AF 90982

The PRISM AD PE Cont. T ° / AF 90982 is a refreshing blend of additives and drip in VA copolymer.

The PRISM AD PE Cont. T ° / AF 90982 is recommended for the production of polyolefin films for the agricultural sector that require:

– A reduction of the temperature inside the greenhouse;
– A great anti-drop effect.

The film takes a light blue coloration which does not interfere on the contrary, with vegetative growth.

Important: the PRISMA AD PE Cont. T ° / AF 90982 should be integrated with UV stabilizer masterbatch depending on the length required of the film itself, which MUST NOT be made from nickel-quencher.


LDPE or EVA coex films:
* Thickness 200 μ
– Middle layer and inner layer: 5% MB

* Thickness 120 μ
– Middle layer and inner layer: 8% MB

The PRISM AD PE Cont. T ° / AF 90982 is supplied in 25 kg bags placed on pallets from Kg 1125, wrapped in stretch film.

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