PE Oxodegradante 91407

In nature, everything is degraded and the main degradation factors are:

– Oxygen
– UV radiation
– Heat
– Humidity

The next step is to degradation biodegradation, natural phenomenon that in the long run it’s interesting all polymers of petrochemical origin.
The PRISMA AD Oxodegradante PE 91 407 is a promoter of degradation for all the polyolefin articles that can not be recovered or recycled. Then the master drastically reduces the molecular weight of the polymers (oxidation) if exposed to the outside, accelerating the degradation process to make them more quickly digestible by fungi and bacteria.
The speed of oxodegradazione is a function of:
– Type of polymer (example: LDPE degrades faster than the HDPE)
– Thickness of the article
– Imaging area (kLy, soil moisture, etc.

Non-toxic formulation, not suitable for composting.

LDPE FILM thickness of 120 microns, with TiO2
Exhibition area: 120 kLy / year
PRISM AD PE Oxodegradante 91407
Dosage MB: 3%

Residual part “A” of the film immersed in the ground


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