Frilvam SpA, leader in the production of masterbatches and FiPlast Srl, a subsidiary of the Group Cossa Polimeri SpA, leader in the production of thermoplastic compounds, today announced an alliance to manufacture and distribution of PrismaBIO 91319.

This organic compound and computable, compliant with UNI-EN 13432 and certified by Vincotte (certif. No. S297), has been developed for the film industry for both the packaging sector (bags for supermarkets), both for agriculture (mulch).
The PrismaBIO 91319 is characterized by ease of processing unlike many other biopolymers existing on the market, thanks to a superior thermal stability, which allows a wider use of conventional film extruders for polyolefin polymers and a respect of the organoleptic characteristics of the article final.
The appearance of ecological sustainability is the focus of this research has led to the creation of bio and compostable compound without intervening directly on the human food chain and animal as the PrismaBIO 91319 is made from corn starch, potato or other vegetable, but it is derived from fossil fuels.
In addition, the joint venture between Frilvam FiPlast and also provides a series of master whites, blacks, colored and additives, always based biopolymer, suitable for any transformation system.
We attach technical product and we remain available for any further clarification, happy to assist with any new demands technical and commercial that will surely receive.

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