Masterbatches for Mulching

Polymers and structure of the film

Rich blend of LLDPE – type butene (density 921 – MFI 0.3) 60% -80% in combination with LDPE.Sia in momoestrusione that in coextrusion for thicknesses <40 μ, LLDPE butene type will be replaced by type Exene or, even better with the metallocene (density 921 – MFI 1).
Coextrusion three layers
Outer layers: 60% -80% + 40% -20% LLDPE LDPE
Middle layer: 40% -60% + 60% -40% LLDPE LDPE
(It adds a higher quantity of LDPE in the central layer to improve the tear resistance and the stability of the bubble).
Masterbatch and Bianchi (thickness <40 μ)
For mono-extruded films: we recommend the use of 12% of Prisma PE 88370 Black (CB + 40% charge).
For coextruded films: we recommend the use of 10% of Prisma PE Black 88320 / A (50% CB, esencarica).
For coextruded white / black: you get the best performance / price using the Black Prisma PE 88320 / A and PE White Prism 00170 (70% TiO2, esencarica).
The black film can have a duration of 12 months in geographical areas kLy 200 / year without UV stabilizers.
For co-extruded film white / black, the use of UV stabilizers is binding due to the layer white.
Dosages: Prisma PE Stab 90228: standard formulation – pesticide resistance: normal
Prisma PE Stab 91340: formulation with high resistance to pesticides
Imaging area: Egypt – 200 kLy / year
Film thickness: 30 μ
1 year 2% UV Masterbatch
2 years 4% UV Masterbatch
3 years 6% UV Masterbatch

The main colors are:
Silver: reflects UV radiation redistributing it evenly on the plants.
Prisma PE Silver 81993 (average dose of MB: 5%)

Transparent green: the film absorbs the wavelength necessary for the growth of vegetables and, therefore, allows the solar radiation to penetrate to heat the soil but does not allow the growth of weeds below the film.
Prisma PE Green 63446 (average dose of MB: 5%)

Yellow: The yellow color attracts the insects that tend to deposit on the film thereby reducing the risk of diseases of crops.
Prisma PE Yellow 1477 (mean dose of MB: 5%)

Furthermore, yellow can be used in coextrusion with three layers as follows:

MB Yellow
MB White

The outer layer yellow attracts insects
In transparency, the sum of the colors yellow + blue is green, then:
thermal action;
control action on the growth of weeds.
Paccianatura Supertermica
A new technology applied to 3-layer extrusion achieves film thermally exceptional, as the attached chart. As a result you can get picked up in winter with 15-20 days in advance, and this would allow to sell the fruits (strawberries, etc.) at market prices higher.

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