Tracers Masterbatch

Following the market demands to make easily identifiable artifacts plastic products, Frilvam SpA has developed a new series of tracers, namely:

Tracers for the control of Production

In many cases the use of additives colorless can leave the doubt to the producer, and in particular to filmatori, if the final product is actually manufactured using the master additive or less.
The addition in the formula of an additive reagent to UV rays or the use of a separate master containing the same, allows with a simple portable UV lamp, to verify the suitability of the production in progress.

Tracer for the recognition of the productions / trademarks

And ‘possible to include in all masterbatches, already formulated or separately, chemical elements can be detected by spectrophotometry, even after several years. This technology is used to protect our end-customers as a result of disputes that may suffer without the certainty that the reported artifacts really do belong to their production.

The formulations are non-toxic and do not affect the optical properties of the final products.

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