Permanent Anti-Static PE 91117

The continued growth of anti-static additives and conductive high-performance, both in the packaging of electronic components, automation and explosive materials is accelerating research and development of new formulations with performance and operating mechanisms increasingly sophisticated.
In particular, the field of plastic materials dissipative permanent (IDPs) is the most cutting edge because it ensures a decay of electrostatic charges quickly but at the same time not in the form so sudden as conductive materials that may interfere negatively on the various components Electronic if packaged in the presence of additives / conductive pigments.
Frilvam has developed a new non-migrating permanent antistatic masterbatch, PRISM AD PE STAT P 91,117 which, unlike traditional on the market:

– Arantisce performance dissipative (9.10 Ω – ESD S11.11) independently by relative humidity

– It does not interfere with the optical characteristics of the end product

– It is suitable for mono-and co-extrusion film LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE

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