At dell’Equiplast Barcelona Frilvam SpA will present a new series of Masterbatch Nucleating able to make clear polypropylene as an acrylic polymer.

These new Additive masterbatches could open up new fields of application in the injection molding of PP in many areas such as food containers, appliances, etc.

In addition, there are a number of color concentrates synergistic with the Prism AD PP nucleating 91013 capable of enhancing, as well as transparency, also the gloss of color combinations.

These new technologies for nucleizzazione polymers also allowed to formulate masterbatch can improve the transparency of LLDPE and HDPE in extrusion film bubble, which is impossible until recently.

For applications of polyethylene film technology Frilvam recommended Prism AD PE nucleating 91,175 that, in addition to improving transparency, increases the barrier to oxygen (OTR) and water vapor (WVT) of the film itself.

Product Features

Support base LLDPE
Bottle 100ml
Color White – Red