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Frilvam S.p.A. It is one of the companies that have most tradition in the field of plastics in the National and European. In the first few years after the war started its activity in the sector, through the marketing of thermoplastic resins and neutral colored primary manufacturers, Italian and foreign, even when the use of plastics in the goods of common use was extremely limited and in Italy It had not yet started production and distribution of basic polymers such as polystyrene and polyethylene. In 1949 the active Frilvam its first production facilities of colored products to sample and begins to be known by customers as a company of quality and service. During the 60’s and 70 developed considerable experience in the field of engineering plastics and compounds loaded and colored through a decade-long and fruitful collaboration with leading multinational companies specialized in the production of thermoplastics and engineering plastics. Since the early nineties the company’s business focuses, almost entirely, in the production of MASTERBATCHES COLORED AND ADDITIVES for various application areas, dramatically expanding its market penetration in foreign markets through the introduction of technologically innovative products.
MASTERBATCHES – Prisma Colour and Prisma Additive Speedy Master
Lines masterbatches PRISMA and PRISMA COLOUR ADDITIVE offer a complete range of specific solutions for each type of applicazione.Frilvam specializes in the production of masterbatches, colored, blacks and whites, produced according to international standards and special formulations for all sectors of processing polymers termoplastici.Il laboratory research & development Frilvam is also able to develop, for the whole range of polymers, any type of formulation and shades colorimetric specifically requested by the customer.

The additive masterbatches PRISMA ADDITIVE developed in laboratories Frilvam for most ‘different aims and technical experience, can have the following characteristics:

UV Antistatic
Release agents
Slip and Cling Tracers
Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic
Cleaning agents
Help welding Bacteriostatic
Help Process
Anti termites
Anti rodents
Flame retardants
Corrosion inhibitors (VCI) Anti emission (VOC)
Anti dragging water cooling
Retardants maturation
UV filters UV filters Packaging Industrial Packaging
Antifog Packaging Food

In 2003, Frilvam acquires Speedy Master srl, a company specializing in the production of color concentrates “tailor made” based in Formigine (MO). That same year, thanks to the excellent business developments achieved in France, born Frilvam France SA, with plant located in Scientrier in Haute Savoie, specializing in the production of technical colored masterbatches for the domestic French and Swiss. To date, the Frilvam represents an important reality of international level (approximately 50% of total turnover is exported to the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and South America) and is able to guarantee to all customers, thanks to its broad and advanced production facility and research solutions for any application requirement with high standards of service and competitiveness.
Frilvam has recently started to produce an innovative and COMPOUND BIODEGRADABLE COMPOSTABLE for the production of packaging films (shopping bags, etc.).

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